Thursday, May 22, 2008

At long last

Finally, the dishwasher is fixed. It only took 3 months and me nagging them daily. I am so glad to have it back. My kitchen finally feels clean again. Very good news.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Six Months

Hard to believe it's been 6 months since Jonathan arrived in Australia. And I've been here 4 months now. Sometimes it feels like forever, and other days it feels as if we are just off the boat. There are so many things I love about Australia. I love how much sunshine there is here. Sometimes it seems like it's sunny every day. But winter is on it's way and that may change.

I love that everything you could ever need is just a short walk away. The grocery store, the fruit market, the library, everything. I love not having a car or having to worry about the price of gas ($5.54 USD per gallon). We are enjoying the opportunity to explore new places and try new things. We have learned so much about Australia that we never knew. And... we've learned a whole new language! Those of you who think Aussies speak English have never had a convo with an Aussie! LOL

Other days it's hard to be so far from friends and family. As easy as it is to forget we are on the other side of the world, we are reminded how out of the loop we are each time we call "home." Sure would be nice to hear from you all more often! We are just a phone call away... and Skype is free!

Currently, we are planning a trip back to North America in late July and early August. It will most likely be a 2 week trip with a few days in both hometowns (the Soo and Grand Rapids), as well as a few days in Toronto. We'd love to see you all and will post an itinerary once it is final.

Looks like the apartment hunt is on the back burner for awhile. We couldn't find anything we liked more than where we are now, so we decided to stay here for awhile. The dishwasher still hasn't been fixed, but I suppose I am used to it by now. Whatever.

Jonathan is still travelling quite a bit for work. Seems that he is at the airport at least a couple days a week lately. My job isn't going as well. While it's close to home and has great workmates... it's just not challenging enough. I am not one for sitting around and doing nothing. So, I have been looking for another position again. No drama, just want to do something that feels a bit more meaningful.

Oh! And a quick bit of good news... we found a local restaurant supply place that apparently sells Mexican products, including corn tortillas! So, we'll have to check that out. We are SO missing Mexican food. It just does NOT exist here. Weird.

The Three Sisters

Spent an amazing Saturday in the Blue Mountains recently. Located about 2 hours northwest of Sydney, the mountains are sacred Aboriginal lands, and recognized as a National Park. And what an amazing view. Brilliant blue in hue, and covered with eucalyptus trees. The spell of eucalyptus oil is everywhere. While the area is a major tourist destination, it still feels very wild and natural. There are amazing bushwalks and hiking trails... but don't head in unprepared, you can get lost out there for days.

The photo above is a view of the public lookout called Echo Point. It's an amazing vantage point and allows almost a 360 degree view of the area.

This rock formation is called the Three Sisters. About a hundred steps carved into the side of the mountains leads to the first 'sister' on the left. Another 700 steps further and you are at the valley floor. I managed to make it the first 100 steps, but that was enough for me... and we still had to climb back up. Definitely not a view for the faint of heart. One wrong step and it's a straight drop. Eek.

The legend of the Three Sisters is an old Aboriginal folk tale. Apparently, they were 3 beautiful young women who fell in love with 3 handsome brothers from another tribe. But because the tribes were forbidden to inter-marry, the entered into a horrible battle. A local shaman turned the sisters to stone to keep them from harm during the battle. Sadly, the shaman died in the battle, and to this day, the sisters remain stone.

Australia truly is a beautiful country. So much history.


A couple of weekends ago we decided to be tourists and visit Wildlife World and The Sydney Aquarium. As these are both located smack dab in the heart of Sydney, we thought they would be totally cheesy tourist traps, but they ended up being really cool and we had a great time. Thought I'd share a few pictures from the day. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)
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Monday, May 5, 2008

At a party...

This is a commercial for a bank here. I think it's hilarious. Not sure what that says about me... Enjoy!