Sunday, August 31, 2008


How fast a year goes. Time seems to go even faster, the older you get. I remember when a summer day would last forever, and a school year would be like a lifetime. And now, a year disappears before you even know it.

A year ago this weekend we told our families that we were moving to Australia. We sure got some mixed reactions. Either we were brave or crazy. Mostly crazy, I think. Everyone promised to visit - but we aren't holding our breaths for that! We have yet to even get a phone call, much less a visit. LOL

Anyway, it has been a pretty crazy year. I think I speak for both Jonathan and myself when I say that is has been a pretty big lesson in stuff and what is really important in life. Nothing makes you reevaluate the stuff in your life like an international move. Turns out that more than half of the stuff we owned wasn't quite as neccesary as we thought it was. And even now, a year later, there is stuff we hauled here that we still haven't used. (Ahem, that ratchet set, for example.)

You just start to think about "needs" a lot differently. I almost think at this point we could still stand to purge half of the stuff we still own. I think it's been a good lesson for both of us. I read an article recently on the 10 things everyone should do once in their lifetime, and one of the items on the list was "give away everything you own." Wow. Can you imagine? For most people, that would be the most traumatic thing they could imagine. They have spent their lives gathering all this stuff, and to get rid of it would be the total opposite of what they had spent all that time doing. But you know what - it's really freeing to just let it go.

Jonathan and I mentioned several times this summer that we wish we had a couple days back in TO to clean out the storage unit and get rid of another whack of stuff. We didn't have time on this last trip, but I definitely think we'll make time next trip. I hate living in two places and having stuff to worry about in two places. I am looking forward to purging a lot of it and having it all in one place again someday.

Anyway - back to the subject of this post. September. It's always been a good month for me. My birthday, the start of school, the beginning of autumn, September has always been my favourite month. While I am not starting school this month, and it's springtime here instead of autumn, I am going to be celebrating a birthday in a few days. And this year it's the big 30th. How excited am I?? Actually, I am pretty excited. You all know how I have always loved my birthday. But this year, I am really excited. I am leaving my 20's behind. No doubt they have been some good years. But I know that my 30's are going to be even better.

I am looking forward to trying things I have never tried before. I am looking forward to seeing more of the world and going places I haven't been yet. I have to laugh when I look back at myself when I was turning 20. How far I have come. What a different person I am now. What a different perspective I have on life and love and the future. What a wealth of friends I have. I could never have imagined the interesting people that would come into my life and make it as joyful as it is.

Anyway - I suppose I am waxing a bit nostalgic, being as it's a milestone and all. I just wanted to share with you all how much I appreciate you. You all make my life better, more fun, and more interesting. So, thanks!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holidays in North America

Thought I would share a few of our favourites from the trip. We had a few days of lovely weather, and some rainy days as well, but in all, it was fun to have a few weeks of summer in the midst of our winter. Started out the visit with a week in Canada visiting family.
Then we spent a weekend in Mackinaw and I took my first trip to the Island. Absolutely beautiful in summer. Can't imagine living there in winter though! Such amazing flowers and scenery. Fun to finally see the Grand Hotel in person.
Also had to include some pictures of a yummy club sandwich and a bacon and blue cheese burger... words can't describe how good those were! After Mackinaw we had a couple of fun days in Michigan... visited the Newaygo Country Fair and saw some of the local wildlife.
Finished out the visit with a day at Canada's Wonderland, where I decided I am now too old for rollercoasters.
So nice to see so many friends and family... wish we'd had time to see everyone. Anyone we missed - feel free to come visit us!
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Elvis has left the building

Yes, we survived our trip back to Canada/USA and a pretty good time was had by all. The flights were long and miserable and I managed to bring back yet ANOTHER killer sinus infection... but in all, it was a good trip. A bit depressing to see our stuff living in a storage unit, however. So fun to see friends and family though. Kinda made me homesick, and at the same time, made me glad I am so far removed from all the drama. Haha. (Love you guys!)

We are back and settling into normal life again. My new job is going great, and Jon's job is as busy as ever. I think his entire company breathed a collective sigh of relief when he showed up for work on Monday. LOL

It's nearly spring here and I can't wait for warm weather and longer daylight hours!!! I totally have spring fever. It's getting nicer though - average daily temp this week was 62F with sunny skies!

I promise to blog more about the trip later, and include some pictures (including some of a particularly good baconandbluecheeseburger) but Jon and I are off to see Elvis this evening in Bankstown. Apparently he is in town for one night and one night only. Got to dust off the leisure suit and blue suede shoes.