Sunday, August 29, 2010


She is my youngest sibling, so much like I was it's almost scary. She is so full of life and she absolutely cracks me up.

summer vacation in Michigan

It was hot, sunny, and gorgeous. We spent time with my family, and a couple of days in Frankenmuth. Such a fun vacation - relaxing and full of laughter. Sorry we don't have great photos - I was having too much fun to take many!

changing seasons

Gosh, I am not doing so well with this blogging thing, these days. Sorry to the (maybe) one or two people who still check it occasionally, hoping that perhaps, just maybe, I found some time to actually write something.

We had dinner last night with some folks who have just moved to Sydney from the good ol' USA and we were commenting on blogging. I was thinking back to when we first came here, when everything was new and exciting. It was easy to blog then, everything seemed interesting and "blog worthy." Nowadays, I think back over my week (work, grocery shopping, laundry, dinner, work...) and think, meh, not much to report! Sad, I know.

Perhaps it will help that is is nearly spring here in Oz. Cannot tell you how nice that is. It's been a chilly winter and I am ready to get me some sunburn, I mean some summer. Pretty soon the jacarandas will be blooming!

Our vacation back in Canada / Michigan was a nice one, but too short. We had a great time with G and with our friends and family. Since returning, we have been back to work and busy. Traveling for both of us - a conference for The Husband and Brisbane last week for me. Teaching 4 back to back sessions on the same thing, not exactly my idea of pie and ice cream, but it was fun to see another city.

It's nearly autumn back home again, and it gets easier and easier each year to deal with the changing seasons. I still miss my birthday month being about pumpkins and falling leaves... but here we look forward to the spring sunshine and upcoming beach picnics. So, it all evens out. We have some fun plans for the next few months. A few weekend trips, a friends wedding, and a big end-of-year finale. Can't wait. Have to try harder to get my blogging shoes on more often.