Sunday, May 29, 2011


It is wintery cold and raining in Sydney tonight, at the end of a chilly, dark weekend. I have been so homesick this weekend, which is ridiculous. Ridiculous because I don't currently have another home to be homesick for. Every once in a while, I struggle with this expat life. It's Memorial Day weekend back in the US and the internets are full of barbecue plans and beach going. We have our share of beach weekends here, but it's strange to be rugging up for winter when friends and family are enjoying summer back 'home.' I'd much rather be admiring my garden in the long summer sun of June.

Most people who know me can tell you what I do when I am stressed or sad. I bake. And so, this afternoon, that is what I did. Apple muffins and pumpkin pie, to be exact. My kitchen is too small to make proper pie crust, but I suppose I am not above buying a frozen one. The smell of cinnamon and spices warms the apartment and my soul. Now I just need to find people who want to eat all these baked goods.

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C. In Oz said...

Hi, my name is Cristin and I am a muffin-aholic. ;-)