Saturday, July 16, 2011


Maybe it's cabin fever from this nevergoingtoend winter we are having, but lately, I have been feeling the urge to get rid of stuff. Amazing how we arrived here with so little, and now this tiny apartment is chock full of stuff I have collected. I seem to be a bit of a collector. I have a jar of shells and coins and bits and pieces I have saved from trips to the beach. I have a million recipes. And shoes... don't even get me started on shoes. It's embarrassing.

I have been in a get-rid-of-it mood these days. Too many books I won't ever read again, clothes I won't wear again, and general stuff I will never use. Time to purge. I feel that way at work too. Lots of notebooks full of nonsense and files full of nothing. Time to throw it out. Maybe it's a spring cleaning thing.

Speaking of spring cleaning, I need to clean the oven and the fridge. Anyone want to come over and do that for me?

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