Sunday, July 3, 2011


The last three weeks have been a test of my patience. And a test of my ability to persevere. A coworker asked this week how to spell "perseverance" and I had to laugh at how it's become an overwhelming theme in my life lately. The Husband and I both have been traveling more than we have been home. It takes a toll eventually. I found myself arriving home from the airport late one night last week to an empty apartment and an even emptier fridge. I admit that I stood in the kitchen and ate heated up dim sum from the freezer at 10:30pm. Not my proudest moment. And the heartburn after wasn't so fun either. Though it did keep me up late enough to watch Dirty Dancing all the way through for the hundredandseventh time. "I carried a watermelon?!" Love it.

Work has been especially challenging lately... I have just sat here for 10 minutes trying to figure out how to follow that sentence... and I have nothing. It has just been one big giant challenge. I am not one to back down from a challenge, but this one is really kicking my youknowwhat. That isn't the word I wanted to use, but my parents may one day read this blog, and I would hate for them to think that I use that other word. Of course, I already disappointed them by voting Democrat, so I am not sure why I bother. LOL

Anyway, back to perseverance. And the scarf, pictured above. I started it a few weeks ago, and really made some good progress. I had to consult youtube on how to cast on, since my knitting classes two years ago are but a distant memory now. And I actually stuck with it for like, a whole week. But now, all I have is a half completed scarf. In fact, as I look around, I have a half completed lotsofthings. But this weekend, The Husband and I made some plans and some lists. And made some big decisions. So, I am going to kick myself into gear and get some things done. Because time is a-wasting. And that scarf isn't going to finish itself.

Happy Canada / Independence Day to all of you back 'home'. Throw something on the bbq for me!

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